iNTEFIX | INTElligent FIXtures for de manufacturing of low rigidity components

Project description

Improvement of the performance of the machining processes by optimizing the tools. The system modifies the behavior of the actuators and the supports according to the data taken by the different sensors. The optimization of the monitoring and control processes allows a substantial increase in the precision and quality of the manufactured parts, achieving at the same time reduction of costs and production times.

As an expert in control and measurement systems, MLabs Optronics has become part of the consortium led by IK4-TEKNIKER taking responsibility of the election and integration of a system that guarantees a better positioning of the tools during the manufacturing processes, as well as the development of software that manages to optimization data collection.

The device chosen by Mesurex for the INTEFIX project is the scanCONTROL laser sensor from Micro-Epsilon. Despite its compact and lightweight design, the scanCONTROL is a high performance optoelectronic sensor that offers high accuracy and speed of measurement.

You can obtain more information about the project by clicking on this link:


Project co-financed by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union

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