First complete Andalusian satellite

Project description

Cepheus is a satellite of very small weight, suitable to test different technologies in space. It incorporates a system to analyze the use of hydrogen as an efficient source of energy in space.

Through fuel cells, which combine hydrogen with oxygen to form electricity and heat, obtaining water as the only residue. It has a navigation system based on the tracking of the stars using MEMS technology (micro-scale electromechanical devices).

Objetivos del proyecto Cepheus:

– La finalidad del proyecto es el diseño, implementación e integración del primer satélite íntegramente andaluz, Cepheus.

– Demostrar la idoneidad de los picosatélites como plataformas de experimentos espaciales.

– Afianzar el sector espacial en Andalucía.


Project co-financed by the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), call for the year 2013 (FEDER-INNTERCONECTA Program).
Duration: 21 months
Start date: April 7, 2013
Partners: Abengoa Hydrogen (Leader), SolarMEMS, Inabensa, Idener, Alter Technology and Mesurex.