MLabs Optronics participates in the general assembly of the Andalusia Aerospace cluster

MLabs Optronics has recently participated in the general assembly of the Andalusian Aerospace cluster, which will seek to grow in 2020, identify business opportunities and strengthen collaboration among its members.

During the assembly the consolidation of the cluster was confirmed with the incorporation of 22 new partners and collaborators, as well as institutional activity (mainly with the Ministry of Economy and Industry), the integration into "key organizations" for the positioning of the cluster as they are the Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia (CEA), or the association of European aerospace clusters, EACP.

Andalucía Aerospace

The Andalusia Aerospace cluster mission is the positioning of the associated companies in the national and international aerospace market, as well as promoting a sustainable scientific and technological development of the Andalusian aerospace industrial companies.

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