MLabs Optronics participates in the Extraordinary Assembly of the Railway Innovation Hub

The director of R&D of MLabs Optronics Adeodato Altamirano attended the Extraordinary Assembly meeting of the Railway Innovation Hub.

In this assembly it was agreed, among other matters, the opening of this cluster to universities and technology centers to create a model of permanent relationship between the railway industry and the education and research centers.

MLabs Optronics is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of quality and process control projects through image processing, either in the visible spectrum and / or in other spectra such as the infrared LWIR, NIR, SWIR, etc. The solutions of MLabs Optronics are applicable to the railway sector, as they have been applied to other transport sectors such as aeronautics and maritime.

Railway Innovation Hub, with more than 60 partners, is a cluster of companies with the aim of boosting the technology and knowledge of the railway sector at an international level through collaborative R & D projects, technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.

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