MLabs Optronics leads the European R&D project Sensoriance for the detection of obstacles in aviation

MLabs Optronics, a subsidiary of the member company of CTA Mesurex, leads the European R&D SENSORIANCE project for the detection of obstacles in aviation, which uses a system of sensors that improve safety in aviation.

Despite the advances in the aeronautical industry, there are still problems when visibility conditions are unfavorable, especially during the landing operation.

The main objective of the Sensoriance project, led by MLabs Optronics (project development division of Mesurex) in collaboration with SAAB Avionics Systems , is to develop a system high-definition optoelectronic in the visible and infrared spectra that, combining information from other sources, provide the pilot with improved visual information in situations of reduced or no visibility.

This information will be shown through the advanced system of situational vision in flight. The system, which will increase visibility in all weather conditions, will also be able to detect and avoid obstacles thus increasing the safety of flight operations.

Example of improved vision system in aircraft



About Sensoriance

The Sensoriance project (Sensorial Awareness System for Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance) is funded by the European Commission through the Clean Sky 2 program (grant agreement No. 785315) under the topi JTI-CS2-2017-CfP06-SYS-01-06.

About Clean Sky 2

The Clean Sky program is the largest aeronautical research program in Europe, promoted by the European Commission and the aeronautical industry and which is part of the EU's Horizon 2020 Program.

For more information contact MLabs Optronics through our website (contact form), by email ( or by phone (+34 951 55 04 26).

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