MLabs Optronics joins as a member of the Andalucia Aerospace cluster

MLabs Optronics has officially joined as a new member of the Andalusian Aerospace cluster.

The official signature was carried out by Antonio D. Soler as Managing Director of MLabs Optronics and Juan Roman as Manager of the Andalucia Aerospace business cluster.

MLabs Optronics joins the Andalucia Aerospace cluster, organization including the most important Andalusian entities dedicated to the aerospace sector, as a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of R&D projects in the aeronautical sector through image processing in the visible spectrum and / or in other spectra such as the infrared LWIR, NIR, SWIR, etc.

After the signing, a visit was made to the laboratory of MLabs Optronics where Mr. Juan Roman, accompanied by Antonio D. Soler and by Adeodato Altamirano (R&D Director of MLabs Optronics). Mr. Juan Roman had the opportunity to learn about the material and human resources that MLabs Optronics invests in the development of the aeronautical and industrial projects it carries out.

MLabs Optronics accumulates significant experience in the development of aeronautical projects, with solutions incorporated in companies in the sector as important as Airbus.

MLabs Optronics is currently leading the European R&D project Sensoriance, in collaboration with SAAB Avionics Systems, for aviation safety through artificial vision and obstacle detection based on a multisensorial system (

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