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Steel Ladle Furnace Inspection System
Inspection system of the surface of the ladle furnace. Detection of integrity problems in the internal refractory lining by analyzing images from thermal imaging cameras.

The objective of the system is to analyze the temperature evolution of the external surface of the furnace for an early detection of hot spots and estimation of the refractory change for maintenance tasks.

System caracteristics:

  • Image acquisition using thermal imaging cameras.
  • Visualization of the casting process in real time through a sequence of thermographic images.
  • Image processing and analysis of furnace surface temperatures.
  • Configuration and generation of alarms.
  • Visualization of data and results.
  • Evolution of temperatures during the fusion process.
  • Communications and data storage.

Furnace temperature monitoring

Detection of defects on the surface of metal coils
For this application MLabs Optronics has developed the MCQC100 system for quality control of metal coils.

MCQC100 is an automated quality control system for surface defects detection, classification and visualization in cold-rolling mills. MCQC100 inspection is performed on a random sampling of the material surface. It provides an objective assessment of the product`s surface quality and helps the operator in the fine adjustment of the production process.

The integration of the MCQC100 system in the architecture of the factory provides tools to assist Quality Personnel on making decisions and guide the optimization of the production process.

MCQC100 system in production

Rust on metal coil surface

Software showing defect detection

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