Electronics Industry | Machine Vision Systems

Inspection and Monitoring System
for Coil Quality Control

Multisensory system based on laser profilometry and artificial vision, capable of detecting surface defects produced during the manufacturing.

Developed with artificial intelligence that allows the system to learn about the variants of different types of failures. This functionality enables the system to be more reliable and robust when detecting defects.

Coil inspected by machine vision

Coil quality control system software

Automatic Radio Front Panel Verification System

Machine Vision System dedicated to the automated inspection of the quality control of the frontal in its final testing phase.

The system is capable of inspecting fields such as numeric screen printing, alphanumeric screen printing, button positioning, display on and off, etc. In addition, the system is connected to a database that manages the traceability of each unit by reading its Part Number and Serial Number.

Radio front

Verification software

OCR System for Product Traceability

Machine Vision System based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for the detection and characterization of the part number and serial number data of each product for its correct packaging and traceability management.

Products to be inspected

Verification software

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