Corporacion Tecnologica de Andalucia consolidates its support for the development of the R&D projects of MLabs Optronics

The management responsibles of the Technological Corporation of Andalucia (CTA), its president Adelaida de la Calle, and its general director Elias Atienza, visited the facilities of MLabs Optronics in the Technological Park of Andalusia.

During the meeting, MLabs Optronics presented the CTA, with the help of Dato Altamirano (R&D director in MLabs Optronics) and Antonio D. Soler (CEO of MLabs Optronics), its strategy in the development of new projects of research as well as the key sectors for business development.
On the other hand, during the visit CTA managers had the opportunity to see, firsthand, the R & D projects that the MLabs team is currently developing. Optronics.

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Projects like Sensoriance, of international scope, carried out by MLabs Optronics in collaboration with the Swedish aeronautical company SAAB Avionics Systems, in which an obstacle detection system is being developed to avoid collisions in flight operations.

Also the Niobe project in which new technologies for the manufacturing of electrical products are developed, or the eFeCTO project, in the energy sector, where a concentrated flow measurement system for solar power plants is developed. In addition to other projects in the area of quality control and process control in production for customers of different industrial sectors.

The CTA members once again offered the support to MLabs Optronics to carry out these projects that are a reference, not only at the level of Andalusia, but also internationally, since many of the projects are being carried out with leading companies from other countries.

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