Machine Vision for Aviation and Defense

State-of-the-art technology based on multispectral cameras
and image processing

Sensorial awareness system for obstable detection
and collision avoidance in aviation

Sensoriance® system has been developed in association with the aerospace and defense company Saab Avionics with the funding of European Union’s Clean Sky 2 research and innovation programme.

Collision avoidance during flight operations
in bad weather conditions

Sensoriance® is a competitive system to provide the aircraft with high-definition vision capabilities in bad weather conditions and with very reduced visibility (fog, heavy rain, night,...), increasing safety on flight operations. Visual information perceived by the pilot is enhanced, or even replaced, through this advanced multisensory high definition vision system in the IR and visual spectra.

This vision system combines information from various sources, including a compact camera with a high-performance optical system as well as external sensors. This information is then processed by a computer vision and image processing module to infer useful knowledge and event-reaction capabilities, aiding pilots during all phases of flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, and landing).

Taxiing / Takeoff

Sensoriance® provides the pilot a clear picture of the environment ahead and shows the centre and edges of the track, enabling obstacle detection for collison avoidance.

Medium / Low Altitude

Sensoriance® generates a wide-field image improving the visibility of relief, vegetation, infrastructure and objectives.

Approach / Landing

Sensoriance® allows a clear long-range view of the airport and runway lights in all weather conditions for a safe approach and landing.

Main Features

  • Multisensorial system
  • High image resolution
  • Advanced image processing
  • Highly realiable optical system
  • Compact and modular
  • Easy to integrate
  • All weather conditions

Technical Characteristics

  • VIS – NIR – LWIR bands
  • Wide FOV (HxV): 31°x23.5°
  • 1024 x 768 LWIR Resolution
  • 2048 x 1088 VIS-NIR Resolution
  • NETD <30mK
  • ARINC 818
  • RS-170 video output
  • A429 & RS422 I/O for serial data
  • Built-in Test
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Temperature (continuous): -55° C to +70° C
  • Power supply: 28 VDC

Main Advantages

  • Increase security at all flight phases: taxiing, takeoff, medium/low altitude flight, approach, landing
  • Increase the pilot awareness at night and in poor weather conditions for a perfect visibility of the environment
  • Highly reliable, compact, modular and cost-effective system easy to integrate

Sensoriance® vision system for boats and vessels

Sensoriance® vision system allows obstacle detection to boats and vessels in situations of reduced or no visibility. Sensoriance® is a high definition opto-electronic system in the visible and the infrared spectra that, combining information from various sources, provides vision assistance for boats approaching the coasts and anchorages at night and/or in situations of reduced visibility.

We develop customized systems for our clients


We adapt our products and develop new solutions. We implement, in the most profitable and efficient way, solutions based on machine vision to meet the specific requirements of our clients, from small modifications to new developments.

Optical and Optomechanical Design

Optical and Optomechanical design of both imaging and non-imaging systems. Optical design capability in the visible and infrared spectral bands. Stray Light analysis capabilities. Design of optical elements for lighting.

Hardware & Software

Development of electronic hardware under RTCA-DO/160, MIL-HDBK-217, MIL-STD-704, MIL-HDBK-338 standards and systems certification. Certification of critical electronic equipment design under the RTCA-DO/254 standard. Design and development of "mission critical" software under RTCA-DO/178 & RTCA-DO/254.

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