MLabs Optronics is a company specialized in the design, development and implementation of quality control and process projects, mainly for the Industrial, Aeronautical and Maritime sectors.

Based in Malaga, in the Andalusian Technology Park and offices in Barcelona and Madrid, we design, develop and implement quality control projects through image processing, either in the visible spectrum and/or in other spectra such as the infrared LWIR, NIR, SWIR , etc.
In addition to Instrumentation, Automation, Robotics and Control projects, we also provide hardware, software and mechanical design services.
Collaboration with leading global companies in the field of measurement and industrial computing, and manufacturing of sensors and measurement systems for specific applications in challenging environments.
We are specialists in detection, measurement, monitoring, quality control and processes, through high precision optoelectronic sensors: temperature, distance, displacement, thickness, moisture, profiles, deformation, vibration, thermography, positioning, speed, porosity, level of oxidation, etc.


MLabs Optronics is carrying out an ambitious R&D strategy, promoting the generation of new products and services for its customers.

For this, we participate in top-level R&D activities, in collaboration with the most prestigious organizations at European and national level. We have the human resources and technology to perform all stages of design, manufacturing, integration and programming of equipment and devices independently.

Quality Policy

MLabs Optronics establishes as main objective the customer satisfaction. For this purpose, our quality policy is established in each of our company's activities, both in relation to our customers and suppliers, as well as in internal production and management.

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